The challenge of all challenges

Nov 24th, 2014

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The challenge of all challenges

The press – up. The exercise that’s been a measure of strength for as long as time itself.

The press-up comes in many forms but all test the strength of the upper body and core to the maximum.

The Classic Stance


The Press-up twist


The Spider-Man


The Diamond


Now here’s the challenge…

To test true strength endurance, attempt to complete the ‘Bring Sally up, bring Sally down’ challenge.

To do this, you’ll need to download Moby’s ‘Bring Sally up, bring Sally down’ song or follow this link on YouTube.

Adopt a press-up position with hands shoulder-width apart (ladies can adopt the kneeling position).

On ‘Bring Sally up’, press-up.

On ‘Bring Sally down’, return to a flexed elbow position with core tight, maintaining hips above the ground.

Repeat the sequence for as long as possible, ultimately until the end of the song (3.24 mins)!

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