Life begins outside the comfort zone

Jan 12th, 2015

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Life begins outside the comfort zone

I’ve been brought up to believe that the only way of achieving greater things in life is to constantly strive forward and never get too comfortable.

The title of this weeks blog has certainly resonated throughout my life and personal training career, much down to the fact that my parents never handed me anything on a plate.

I always had to work hard and put myself in challenging situations, often outside my comfort zone, to achieve my dreams.

Make this year, your year.

Set yourself a challenge that pushes you, challenges you and once you’ve achieved it, you’ll never look back!


Whether it be a 5k run, marathon, tough mudder, trek across the Himalayas or swim across the channel, the training leading up to your goal will make you a better, stronger, more confident person.


If you’re in need of inspiration to achieve your goals in 2015, then look no further than a man who’s certainly achieved, Richard Branson!

Failure indeed breeds success. Embrace it and you will never fear.

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