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The FIT1000 Boot Camp experience will transform your body
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FIT1000 is the new breed of specialised fitness boot camp that can produce calorie counts in excess of 1000 calories.

At FIT1000 we like to take a more scientific approach to training. We use heart rate technology to monitor heart rate and calories and we monitor progress through regular fitness assessments.

FIT1000 utilises Benjamin’s ‘FIT’ principle or ‘Functional Integrated Training’ to manipulate whole body exercises in quick succession around running-based drills using functional strength training equipment and advanced bodyweight conditioning for maximum effect.

  • Improves strength, power, flexibility, speed and cardiovascular fitness in record time
  • Specialises in ViPR, Bulgarian Bags and Advanced Bodyweight Conditioning drills
  • Benjamin encourages each individual to train ‘like an athlete’ so body-changing results are faster than any class out there
  • Each session is innovative and different but be prepared to work hard
  • All abilities welcome

We hold FIT1000 Bootcamps at the following locations

Regents Park Running Track


Monday 6.30 – 7.15pm
Tuesday 7 – 7.45pm
Thursday 7 – 7.45pm

Bushey Arena

Bushey Academy School, Bushey

Monday 8 – 8.45pm
Wednesday 8 – 8.45pm
Saturday  11.30am – 12.15pm