“Benjamin understands what the client needs. He has the extraordinary ability to push you beyond your limits while making it fun. I unreservedly recommend him.”
Lord Browne of Madingley – Chelsea

“Thanks for an inspiring running course that will set our clients up perfectly for the Royal Parks Half-Marathon!”
Director of Entertainment Sales – Mandarin Oriental, Knightsbridge

“With ultimate professionalism and immaculate customer service, FIT1000 Bootcamps are the new trend in corporate fitness.”
Yaara Kaminaar, HR Director – Stanhope Capital

“We’ve partnered with FIT1000 Bootcamps for 7 years. Benjamin and his highly professional team have been an integral part of our people’s wellbeing. In addition to physical and mental health, their services have helped to bring people together from various parts of our organisation and improve collaboration”
Damien Grummitt, HR Director – Wonga Group

“Without doubt one of the best bootcamp brands in London.”
Simon Brennan, Partner – Sunrise Stockbrokers

“Benjamin Hodson is one of the most professional personal trainers I have come across. He is well organised, punctual and provides a thorough session.”
Clive Sutton – Finchley

“I feel fitter, stronger and more flexible. My bleep test score has risen from a 14.12 to a 16.6 in just 4 weeks!”
Sam Williams – FIT1000 Bushey Member

“After giving birth to my second child, I put on a lot of weight and couldn’t shift it. I signed up for 10 sessions with Benjamin and followed his Calorie Controlled Eating Plan scheme and after the first course lost a stone. Subsequently I’ve now been training for over a year and have hit my ideal weight 3 stone lighter than when we started.”
Nathalie Silver – Hampstead

“When I started training with Benjamin I was unfit and overweight at 209 lb’s. I now regularly run 10km in under 55 minutes, achieved my target weight of 173 lb and my body fat has been reduced from 26% to 17%. An additional bonus has been an improvement in my (what was dreadful) coordination and balance due to Ben’s stability work.”
Alain Bornstein – Hendon

“Benjamin has played a significant role in helping me achieve my fitness aims and objectives. Each session has a clear and measurable objective and can be very hard work. Out of sessions, he is always there adding that additional motivation and encouragement with texts or phonecalls. There have been clear changes in my body shape which have resulted from our sessions but more importantly I feel more confident, mentally alert, energetic and young.”
Barry Evans – Finchley

“Benjamin is a professional and fun personal trainer. He doesn’t allow you to go in your comfort zone and constantly works with you to set new targets, monitor progress and encourages you to keep trying new routines. I would happily recommend Benjamin to anyone.”
Sudhir Maheshwari – Hampstead

“I started training with Benjamin in order to improve my running performance and strength. With his specific target setting, organised 10km and half-marathon runs, I have more than accomplished my targets. His encouragement, motivation and creativity in sessions have always made the sessions rewarding and fun.”
Fiona Sutton – Finchley

“Benjamin’s bootcamp was a really fun and rejuvenating way to exercise and keep fit this summer. He constantly changing exercises and with Benjamin pushing you, I found that I lost weight, got stronger and my fitness rose enormously. It was also a great chance to meet new people and enjoy the fabulous London summer and appreciate training outdoors! Will definitely do it again….bring on summer 2010!”
Tushar Singhania – Hampstead Garden Suburb

“I contacted Benjamin after having my fourth child. The baby-weight had to go and my core needed some serious work. In the space of 4 months seeing Benjamin once a week with structured homework and sticking to his Calorie Controlled Eating Plan I lost 20 pounds, my waist circumference reduced dramatically and my bodyfat reduced 8%.”
Michal Bassalian – Finchley

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