We believe that optimal health can be achieved by every one of us.

“Throughout your life the most profound influences on your health, vitality and function are not the doctors you have visited or the drugs, surgery, or other therapies you have undertaken. The most profound influences are the cumulative effects of the decisions you make about your diet and lifestyle on the expression of your genes.”
Dr Jeffrey Bland – Founder and pioneer in functional medicine

This is why we offer clinically proven diagnostic testing to arm you with accurate information to make the right choices about your diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Genetic and Food Intolerance Testing using our partners DNAFit and Lorisian, provide the framework for a truly bespoke service.

DNA Testing

DNA TestingDNAFit are the pioneers of DNA testing in the health and fitness industry uncapping the guess work associated with diet and exercise prescription.

Taking a simple swab test we can analyse specific genes to determine exercise trainability essential in program prescription to discover;

  • Endurance / Power profile
  • Aerobic potential (VO2 Max)
  • Post – Exercise Recovery
  • Recovery Nutrition
  • Injury risk

Using the same swab test we can also identify key genes related to diet and nutrition which will help you make the correct diet choices to uncover;

  • Optimal diet type
  • Carbohydrate and saturated fat sensitivity
  • Detoxification ability
  • Anti-oxidant requirements
  • Personal vitamin and micronutrient needs
  • Salt, alcohol and caffeine sensitivity
  • Lactose tolerance
  • Coeliac predisposition

Food Intolerance Testing

Food intolerences
Gut health is at the forefront of cutting-edge research in functional medicine, associated with immune system response, disease and preventative care.

Food Intolerance Testing is one indicator of gut health which can be acted on if need be through specific protocols to establish healthy eating habits, restore energy levels, improve the immune system, reset the metabolism for fat burning and support fat loss and improve body composition.

Using a simple finger prick blood analysis, we’ll be able to discover which out of 150 plus foods, if any, cause-specific antibody reactions.

Eliminating the reactive foods can help you function to full capacity in pursuit of optimal health and well being.

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Genetic testing

DNA Pro Fit Basic Package
(DNA Swab & Detailed Report)
DNA Pro Fit Advanced Package
(DNA Swab, Detailed Report plus Specialist Consultation)

DNA packages are an additional one-off payment with direct debit Personal Training and complimentary with 3 and 6 month Transformation Packages.

Food Intolerance Testing

Lorisian Silver Package
(156 food and drink analysis)
Lorisian Gold Package
(208 food and drink analysis)