The ‘Ben Ten’ Ultimate Fitness Test

Aug 22nd, 2016

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The ‘Ben Ten’ Ultimate Fitness Test

There are many ways of testing your cardiovascular fitness. The bleep test, the Cooper treadmill test and 1 mile run test are all reliable determinants of aerobic fitness.

However there has been no single test to measure overall fitness including aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness and strength endurance………until now!

I give you the ‘Ben-Ten’ test.

I designed this test primarily for clients to monitor their progress in addition to getting a great total body, express workout. After countless efforts by a wide ranging client base, I’ve formulated standards to rank an individuals overall fitness.

Try it for yourself as a monthly gauge of progress or an express holiday workout!

A 5 minute warm-up and cool-down are advisable.

Repeat the circuit twice as fast as possible.

The Burpee x 10

The Press-up (ladies kneeling) x 10

The Jump Squat x 10

The Plank Extension x 10

Standards (timed from start to finish in minutes).

Outstanding = < 2 minutes
Good = 2.00 – 2.30
Average = 2.31 – 3.00
Needs work – > 3.01

Best of luck!


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