S.E.E. (Sleep, Eat, Exercise)

Feb 16th, 2015

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S.E.E. (Sleep, Eat, Exercise)

You’ll find it comforting to know that the majority of personal trainers do actually practice what they preach, myself included.

At the end of the day, you wouldn’t pay for the services of a health professional if they weren’t ‘healthy’ themselves or a ‘fitness’ professional if they weren’t ‘fit’ themselves.

Personally, health and fitness is my life and has always been so.

To enable me to function at 100% with regard to energy levels, concentration and mood, not to mention keep in shape, I adhere to what I call the principles of S.E.E. or Sleep, Eat and Exercise for purpose.

To illustrate, here’s a typical day in my life;


Wakey wakey!



Hot water and lemon to detox from the nights digestive duties.

Espresso macchiato for a quick pick me-up.

Small bowl of oats with skimmed milk and blueberries for sustained energy release with antioxidant properties.

Multi vitamin, 1000mg vitamin C, 1000iu vitamin D to maintain a strong immune system and provide a bit of sunshine into life during the Winter months!

One teaspoon Manuka honey for its well documented anti-bacterial properties.


Off to work!

Leave the house with packed lunch (prepared the night before) and snacks.


PT session 1 – Chelsea


Snack 1

Tea and banana for a quick energy release and pick up while I’m on the road to North London.


PT session 2 – Hampstead


Snack 2

One Pear for some natural sugar.


PT session 3 – Hampstead

Interval run with client


Snack 3

One Banana to replenish lost energy fast.


PT session 4 – Hampstead


Personal workout

5 mile run & Bulgarian Bag circuit

bulgarian bag workout



Smoked salmon salad with quinoa, beetroot, rocket, cucumber, tomato and avocado to provide a healthy balanced, slow releasing source of energy to keep me away from the mid-afternoon dip.


PT session 5 – Hyde Park

Power walk with client


Snack 4

Tea with handful of nuts and an apple to keep my appetite satisfied whilst picking me up for the last straight.


PT session 6 – Regents Park


PT session 7 – Regents Park


Snack 5

Pear and handful of nuts.


FIT1000 Boot camp – Regents Park


FIT1000 Boot camp – Regents Park


Home for dinner

Roast chicken, parsnips, peas, carrots, broccoli to replace all the energy lost during the day and set the stores up for another big day tomorrow!


Prepare tomorrow’s lunch and snacks.


Sleep for seven hours.

You may be thinking its easy for me to carry off as it’s my job.

But you’d be wrong. It’s my lifestyle. And with a little effort it can be your lifestyle too.

So here’s a few pointers in the right direction;


To keep your mind and body in balance the two most important elements are sleep and water.

It’s essential to get between six and eight hours of sleep and keep hydrated with water throughout the day.

Sleep deprivation and dehydration are critical factors in weight gain and poor health.

If we are consistently deprived of sleep our diets shift to a craving for high-energy foods coupled with an inability to exercise and a drop in immunity. If we are dehydrated, a lot of the physical processes going on in the body are subdued.


If you want to operate at the highest level no matter what your job it’s essential to eat clean, unprocessed and unrefined foods that will sustain energy levels throughout the day.

clean eating food list

For weight management, remember it’s all an energy balance.

Carbohydrates are the prime source of energy. It therefore makes sense to adjust the carbohydrate content of your daily diet according to your activity levels.

For example, if you know that you’ll be having a sedentary day, stick to high protein foods except for a slow releasing carbohydrate breakfast. Conversely, if you’ve got a hectic physical day drip feed carbohydrates into breakfast, lunch and snacks ending with a high protein dinner.


Keeping active is the basis of life and it doesn’t matter how you move your body in a society becoming increasingly more sedentary.

Take every opportunity to move whether it be walking to work, joining an exercise class or simply running around with the kids.

Remember anything is better than nothing but if you want to achieve optimal holistic fitness, the body requires a combination of what I call the ‘vital organs’ of fitness which resonates through FIT1000 London and my personal training career.

The Vital Organs.

Walking and Running – promoting cardiovascular fitness through human locomotion.
(FIT1000 Run)

Functional strength movement – promoting strength through loaded, coordinated movement.
(FIT1000 Boot camp)

Yoga – promoting flexibility and relaxation through controlled stretches.
(FIT1000 Yoga.)

For maximum effect practice each of the ‘vital organs’ at least once a week in addition to 30 minutes daily walking.

Try the principles of SEE for yourself.

You’ll soon discover a new you.

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