The DNA Revolution

Aug 8th, 2016

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The DNA Revolution

DNA screening is the future.

No matter what you think about the phenomenon, genetic testing has become the ‘must have’ service for personal trainers not to mention olympic athletes, premiership footballers and elite coaches realising the benefits to performance and unlocking the guesswork surrounding diet and exercise prescription.

After all, every one of us is made differently.

Our DNA contain genes which provide instructions for what we look like and how our body’s function and it is the small variations in these genes that cause the differences in our make up.

It therefore makes sense to know which variation of a gene we carry, so that exercise professionals can prescribe the right exercise and diet plans to achieve your genetic potential.

Sounds revolutionary….how does it stack up?

The evidence to support using DNA to map potential in sport is staggering and we, at Benjamin Hodson Personal Fitness, have been conducting tests to provide a truly bespoke service for over a year now achieving remarkable results.

So what does DNA testing measure?

We use a pioneering company called DNAFit to test samples at a laboratory analysing a panel of 45 gene variants specific to diet and exercise.

We collect samples using a simple swab test and the report is sent through within two weeks.

Here are some of the parameters measured and unveilings that I found out about myself I never knew before.


The test revealed what type of sport best suited my body.

I have a 50%/50% power to endurance ratio of genes, so for the exercises I enjoy, a mix of long distance running and high intensity interval training is recommended to get the best out of my training.

I have a tendency towards a high VO2 Max or aerobic capacity.

It’s therefore best to schedule competitive events regularly into my training plan to maximise performance.

I’m lucky enough to have a fast recovery rate.

I don’t need to schedule in as many rest days and can pretty much train hard most days of the week without compromising performance.

My personal injury risk is low.

I can continue with sports with high impact and thankfully don’t have to be over cautious when it comes to protecting my joints.


I’m able to eat carbohydrates and saturated fat without worrying about putting weight on.

I have a very low sensitivity to carbs and low sensitivity to saturated fat which means I receive less energy per calorie of both carbs and fat than someone who puts weight on easily when they eat bread, pasta or dairy products.

A low carb diet wouldn’t be advisable for me as I’d lack energy and wouldn’t be able to concentrate although sticking to slow releasing or low GI foods would help in weight management.

This was good to know!!

I should stay away from smoked or chargrilled meats as much as possible.

The test revealed that I have enzymes which activate potentially toxic substances present in meat cooked at high temperatures and recommends increasing my intake of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, cauliflower and spinach to improve my livers detoxification.

I should eat an abundance of foods with antioxidants.

I need to eat berries, dark leafy greens and citrus fruits as my body is predisposed not to neutralise what are called ‘free radicals’ which damage the body and can lead to illness.

I have a raised requirement for omega-3, vitamin B6, B12, vitamin D and folic acid.
Interestingly, I have a possible predisposition for hypertension when I eat too much salt.
Drinking alcohol in moderation activates a gene that increases my ‘good’ cholesterol.

Probably something I didn’t need to know!

I am lactose and gluten tolerant.



As well as this genetic deep-dive into your wellbeing, we offer one-to-one consultations to make sense of the data but the report does outline the findings clearly.

We also prescribe detailed genetic meal plans that suit your make-up to maximise weight loss and optimise health and bespoke fitness programs.

Ultimately, this cutting edge approach to diet and exercise has given our company the tools to offer clients the best possible service, taking the guess work out of ‘what works for some and not for others’.

If you’re interested in finding out how DNA testing will compliment your training and diet or to book an appointment for a swab test please visit our DNA Lifestyle Coaching page.

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